3/8" Drive Extension Bars

3/8" Drive Extension Bars

Pick up accessories for your sockets for less at Euro Car Parts. Ideal for accessing hard-to-reach fastenings, three eighth inch extension bars are an essential part of any mechanic’s toolkit – take a look at our range right here.

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Three eighth inch extension bars are a handy accessory for socket wrenches, helping you to reach parts of a car that could otherwise be difficult or even dangerous to access by hand. Essentially extending the range of your wrench, they’re particularly useful when working on the underside of your car, or any other part that’s obscured behind other components. A vehicle’s nuts and bolts are fastened very securely – after all, you don’t want them coming loose while it’s in motion. This is why mechanics need a socket wrench to provide the torque necessary to unscrew them, and to screw them on again securely when the work’s complete. Find extension bars in a variety of sizes at Euro Car Parts. Precision-engineered by top brands like Laser and Sealey, our car maintenance tools are not just durable and reliable – they’re also available at fantastic prices. Browse our selection online, or come to one of our 200+ stores in the UK and pick up all the parts you need.