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Turbocharger Gaskets

About Turbocharger Gaskets

Turbocharger gaskets are specialist items that lock in heat and air, and prevent moving components from rubbing together. To help ensure your performance engine continues to work as it should, look for quality turbocharger gaskets from

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Turbochargers generate extra power from your car’s engine. To provide this power, the turbocharger needs a massive amount of air to pass through its system – a factor that generates a great deal of heat. In order to contain this excess heat and air, your performance vehicle needs turbocharger gaskets. These are usually made from three thick layers of steel and are coated in aluminium to reflect heat. The higher the quality of the gasket in question, the better (and longer) it will withstand this extra stress and strain. To improve and/or maintain your car’s performance, Euro Car Parts has just what you need.