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10W40 Engine Oil

Keep your engine in top condition with high-quality engine oil from Euro Car Parts. We offer great prices on 10W40 oil from Shell, Mobil, Gulf and many other well-known brands. Use our engine oil checking tool to find the right product for your vehicle.
Oil is an essential part of any engine: it cleans, lubricates and cools all the moving parts to keep them working as they should, and reduce wear and tear. It's available in a range of different types: mineral oil is the most affordable, while synthetic and semi-synthetic oil contains scientifically-developed additives that improve performance.
Oil is also graded by its viscosity at different temperatures: 10W40 engine oil, is a multigrade oil that's rated 10 for viscosity in cold temperatures and 40 at engine running temperature. Generally, the lower each number, the thinner and less viscous the oil.
As any mechanic will tell you, never skimp on engine oil – it's quite literally the lifeblood of your engine! Find affordable, top-quality engine oil from a range of world-famous brands at Euro Car Parts. Whether you call in and buy in-store or have it delivered online, we'll help you get the oil you and your car need. Show Less

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