5W40 Engine Oil

Get top-quality 5W40 engine oil for your car from Euro Car Parts. We stock 5W40 oil from a variety of well-known brands, including Castrol and Mobil. To find out what kind of oil your engine needs, refer to your owner's handbook or use our on-site tool.
In many ways, engine oil is the lifeblood of your car – and just as important as the fuel. It cleans and protects hundreds of hot, fast-moving parts and without it, your engine would quickly grind to a halt or suffer damage from heat and friction. Whether you need fully-synthetic or mineral, don't get stuck without a supply of the engine oil your car needs.
It's also important to check and change your oil regularly, as dirty oil doesn't perform as well and can cause corrosion over time. Using the best 5W40 engine oil for your car means you can enjoy problem-free driving for longer – as a nice bonus, it can even give your fuel efficiency a little performance boost.
Euro Car Parts stocks a range of 54WO engine oils from trusted brands. Order your oil today – you can click and collect in store, or have it delivered to your door. Show Less

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