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Accelerator Cables

About Accelerator Cables

Over time, accelerator cables can become damaged and unreliable, so should be checked often and immediately replaced if necessary. Enter your registration number in the tool to the left and view our extensive selection of quality accelerator cables below.

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The accelerator cable connects the pedal to the throttle body and is responsible for relaying the driver’s motions to control the vehicle’s acceleration and speed. Although composed of wound metal wire and protected by a tough rubber casing, accelerator cables can eventually wear, stretch, fray and even snap due to constant use under tension. This can make acceleration unpredictable and potentially very dangerous. Together, the accelerator cable and the throttle body control the amount of air flowing into the engine. If this flow isn’t regular or consistent, often due to a defective accelerator cable, your engine can become starved of air and underperform. Because of this, we include accelerator cable options for every standard make and model of car in our range.