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Arc Welders

Arc Welders

Complete welding jobs faster, safer and easier with our selection of high-quality arc welders. Made to weld all materials, they’re portable and robust – perfect for whatever job you need doing. Explore the Euro Car Parts range today.


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Ideal for fabricators and welders, arc welding tools contain strong magnets which hold metals tight in place during assembly and welding jobs – for accurate alignment, the clamps also incorporate angled edges. When the welder is turned on, an arc of electricity appears between the welding electrode and the metal being welded, producing temperatures around 3,500°C, and as the electrode’s metal core melts it mixes with the material being welded - the two are fused together to form a very strong bond. Car enthusiasts who enjoy maintaining and restoring vehicles will find our arc welders useful for completing projects more easily. You'll find our arc welders sturdy and robust too, thanks to our stock featuring products from leading manufacturers, offering you the best value for money. Browse the full range now and enjoy fast, free delivery to anywhere in the UK, or click and collect from one of the 200-plus Euro Car Parts locations nationwide.