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Car Body Parts & Body Panels

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Whether your body panels have been damaged as the result of an accident or have started to look tatty with age, our after-market body panels are available as replacements for all makes and models. Explore the range and find your perfect fit today.

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With the dawn of mass production in the twentieth century, manufacturers could offer cars in many different shapes and sizes. Before this, body panels and frames were made of wood and had to be carved by hand. Mass production allows third parties to sell after-market body panels. This in turn makes it much less expensive for people to repair their cars in the event of damage. Over the years, great strides have been made in the development of car body panels. As well as protecting the engine and wheels from dust and dirt, they also help to keep drivers safe in the event of a collision. This is achieved through the use crumple zones designed to absorb the force of impact.