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Bonnet Catch / Locks

About Bonnet Catch / Locks

The bonnet catch keeps the bonnet in place when you’re driving, while the bonnet lock prevents your bonnet from opening until you choose to unlock it. Find the right bonnet catches and locks for your car at

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The bonnet catch is a small mechanism that sits underneath your bonnet, usually at the front. A bonnet lock ensures it is impossible to open your bonnet unless you unlock it. These parts work together to protect your engine from the elements and to prevent theft or vandalism. Many modern cars include combined locks and catches. Faulty or poor quality catches and locks can fail to keep your bonnet in place. This can be hazardous when driving, especially if the bonnet flies up and obscures your view of the road. Another sign of lock or catch failure is if your bonnet becomes hard to open. While all bonnet catches and locks are very simple devices that do the same job in different cars, each one is made specifically for a certain model. To find the right bonnet catch or lock for your car, simply type your registration in the yellow ‘number-plate’ box above and press enter.