Bonnet Sound Pads

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Bonnet Sound Pads

About Bonnet Sound Pads

Bonnet sound pads are used to quieten engine noise for passengers and passers by. However, sound pads can decay over time and may need replacing. Our range includes quality bonnet sound pads compatible with every make and model.

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Often comprised of acoustically treated compressed felt, bonnet sound pads are used to soundproof the engine bay, preventing the noise generated by internal combustion engines from distracting the driver or disturbing anyone else. Bonnet sound pads can degrade over time which can lead to serious problems. Old bonnet sound pads should be replaced as soon as a fault is detected. While most modern cars have bonnet sound pads fitted as standard, the drive quality of some older models may be increased by incorporating bonnet sound pads. It is also possible to fit additional pads to further muffle engine noise. This is particularly useful after installing a larger, noisier engine. Our quality range of bonnet sound pads includes different sizes and depths to keep your car quiet, whatever you drive.