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Brake Calipers

About Brake Calipers

A worn-out or malfunctioning brake caliper can present a serious safety hazard. If you need a replacement, come to Euro Car Parts – we’ll get you back on the road at an affordable price. We can even fit your new brake calipers for you, thanks to our handy Fit It For Me service.

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A brake caliper is a simple yet very important component of your disc braking system. Essentially, it’s the part that squeezes your brake pads against the surface of the rotor, creating friction that slows your car down. Your brakes may use floating calipers that move with the wheels, or fixed calipers that stay where they are. In either case, worn-out calipers can be a real danger to your ability to stop safely. Fortunately, they’re usually very sturdy and in most cases only need to be replaced every seven to ten years. However, heavy braking and minor accidents may put additional wear and tear on your calipers, meaning they need to be replaced sooner. Looking for high-quality brake calipers from some of the most trusted names in the industry? At Euro Car Parts, we stock over 130,000 different items, so we’ll be happy to find new calipers for your vehicle and keep you safe on the road.