Brake Hose Kit

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Brake Hose Kit

About Brake Hose Kit

Brake hoses carry the brake fluid from the cylinder to the calipers - inducing the friction that is required to stop a vehicle’s wheels rotating. Some vehicles can have up to four hoses and you can find the right product for your vehicle here at Euro Car Parts.

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The brake hoses are one of the most important components in your vehicle. If there is a crack or a break at any point in the rubber, the brake fluid can leak out, rendering your brakes completely useless. The fluid is an essential part of putting the brake pads in motion. It is, therefore, incredibly important that you monitor the status of your break hoses before it's too late. They endure heavy use in any vehicle and are made of rubber, so they are subject to hardening or wearing down over time. If you notice fluid on the floor beneath your vehicle, it may be a sign that one of your brake hoses needs replacing, but don’t rush into replacing all of them – it may just be the one that has become hard and cracked.