Brake Valve Pushrods

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Brake Valve Pushrods

About Brake Valve Pushrods

Brake valves and pushrods convert the pressure applied to your brake pedal into the essential force that's used to stop you car. Our extensive selection includes brake valves and pushrods compatible with all makes and models of car.

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Brake valves, also known as load-sensing valves, use the weight on the rear of a vehicle to calculate the amount of brake fluid pressure required to safely slow the rear wheels. Broken or faulty valves can result in potentially dangerous braking. Pushrods physically connect your brake pedal to the master hydraulic brake cylinder, relating the pressure from the driver to the amount of brake fluid that's pushed into the system. Unreliable pushrods can reduce the effectiveness and response time of your brake system. Brake valves and pushrods need to be kept in good condition and, while they are often changed when the brake system is serviced, they sometimes need to be replaced independently. The quality of both devices is essential to keeping your cargo safe, whether it’s your shopping or your passengers.