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Breaker Bars

Breaker Bars

The nuts and fasteners on your vehicle should be screwed on tightly to prevent accidents. Breaker bars give you the extra torque to loosen them when you need to do so for maintenance or repairs.

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High-quality breaker bars are an essential part of the mechanic’s toolkit, and they’re very useful for the average motorist too. If you need to get the wheel nuts off to change a tyre, or to loosen any other fasteners so you can inspect components for faults or wear, a breaker bar will get the job done. Breaker bars feature a socket that holds the nut in place, and they work on the simple principle that a longer handle allows you to apply the extra torque you need to loosen them. The nuts and fasteners that help to keep your car stable are fixed on tightly for a reason: you don’t want them coming loose when you’re on the move! Find strong, durable breaker bars and many other essentials of car maintenance at Euro Car Parts. Remember, we offer free UK delivery on our orders, and a 365-day return policy in case you change your mind.