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Bullet Connectors

Bullet Connectors

Bullet connectors are often used in automotive connections to make quick and easy connections that hold firm. Find assorted male and female bullet connectors in a variety of amperages at Euro Car Parts.

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Bullet connectors are a simple but effective system for joining two wires. They consist of a bullet-shaped male end that attaches to a socket-shaped female end, allowing you to make connections between a variety of wires in your car’s electrical system. They’re also insulation and colour-coded to ensure the connections are safe. Automotive wiring often uses bullet connectors because they’re easy to use, safe and versatile. It’s possible to buy male-only, female-only and assorted packs in a number of different amperages to suit different applications. Sometimes known as “banana plugs”, they’re frequently used in applications like installing new car stereos. Find bullet connectors for all your car’s wiring needs at Euro Car Parts. We stock products from trusted manufacturers at great prices, so whatever you need bullet connectors for, you’ll find them among the 130,000 products we stock. Order online with click and collect, or have your product delivered for free within the UK.