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Car Bumpers

About Car Bumpers

A car's bumper isn't just an aesthetic feature. In fact, a structurally robust bumper will help to keep repair costs down in the event of a minor collision, keeping you safe in the process. Explore our range of bumpers below.

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The bumper is the solid structure attached to the most prominent part of the car body at both the front and rear. It is there to absorb impact in the event of a collision, which in turn helps to minimise any damage to the car itself – as well as keeping you and your passengers safe. Bumpers are designed to cover a wide area of the front and back of the car to accommodate different models’ varying heights and degrees of protrusion. They work by spreading the force created by a collision, thus minimising heavy damage to one area. Crash engineers have spent years perfecting the technology and build of the bumper, as well as other external components of the vehicle to reduce the risk of injury to a pedestrian if hit. Softer, lower bumpers, and those with deeper profiles and additional structures underneath, have been found to significantly minimise injury to the lower limbs. Bumpers are now constructed to be soft and flexible enough to protect a pedestrian yet strong enough to protect the car.