Bush Removal Tools

Bush Removal Tools

If you need to remove your car’s suspension bushes for maintenance or checkis, you may need specialist bush removal tools to get hold of them safely. Get a great deal on bush removal tools from Euro Car Parts.


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Suspension bushes are fitted to joints in a vehicle’s suspension system to absorb and dampen vibrations that would otherwise make the passenger experience pretty uncomfortable. If your car is vibrating on bumpy roads and turns, you may need to replace your suspension bushes - and you’ll need the proper bush removal tools to do it. Due to their location in out-of-the-way areas beneath the car’s chassis, suspension bushes are difficult to access and work with without the proper kit. Bushing tools contain all the adaptors and force screw threads you need to safely remove suspension bushes without damaging any delicate components. Whether you’re a professional mechanic or a keen hobbyist, you’ll find all the tools you need for daily car maintenance and specialised tasks at Euro Car Parts. Offering the best tools from some of the biggest brands in the business at low prices, you can trust us to supply all your maintenance and repair needs.