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Car Badges & Emblems

About Car Badges & Emblems

Your car’s badge is a symbol of the manufacturer’s pride in their work. Whether you’re replacing your car badge, upgrading it or even customising your own, our wide choice of designs will see you right.

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Every car comes embellished with the manufacturer’s badge as a seal of approval, taking place front and centre on the bonnet. However, these badges can be damaged, spoiling the aesthetic of the car. Older makes and models in particular are often fitted with metal badges or ornaments that can tarnish and work themselves loose over time and are, unfortunately, often a target for thieves. Even newer plastic badges can be easily faded by the elements or scuffed by road debris. Our huge range of car badges includes replacement marques for every manufacturer, but we also offer the opportunity to customise your car badges and give your vehicle that unique, personal touch.