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Car Cables & Hinges

Car Cables & Hinges

Car Cables Cables are used extensively in the operation of most cars, and often provide the means by which the driver controls individual mechanical parts of the car. Such car cables include the handbrake cable used to control the parking brake, accelerator cables, speedometer cables and clutch cables.
A car cable is usually made up of a thin metal wire insulated by a rubber coating, and by their nature they are subject to corrosion and wear and tear, resulting in fraying and breakage. It is vital to replace any cable that shows sign of wear to prevent it breaking and creating a dangerous situation for vehicle and driver. A great choice of quality car cables for every make and model of car is readily available.

Car Hinges
Most cars have between three and five doors, consisting of a driver's door, and either one or three passenger doors, and a boot or tailgate. The opening mechanism for each of these is provided by the car hinge. Over time or through use of excessive force when opening and closing, these hinges can become worn or break entirely.
Quality car hinges for every make and model of car are available, and it is possible to purchase individual car hinge sets as needed. Show Less

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