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Car Evaporators

About Car Evaporators

Ensure your car's evaporator is working as efficiently as possible, and discover a replacement at fantastic prices online with Euro Car Parts. Whatever your car's make and model, we'll have the right product available for you.

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Located in a car's air conditioning system, the evaporator is just one of the many elements responsible for removing heat from your vehicle. They work in a fairly similar fashion to a condenser, however an evaporator can be found in the passenger compartment rather than behind the car's radiator. Part of your air conditioning system, evaporators use refrigerant liquid to cool the area around it. During this process, the liquid itself begins to heat up - eventually converting to gas. You'll also notice other impurities - like dust and pollen - are also removed too - an evaporator also doubles up as a dehumidifier. If you're not a car expert, it's recommended that you seek a professional to fit your new evaporator. Our team at Euro Car Parts will be more than happy to offer their assistance if you're struggling to find the correct product - they're just a call or email away. Alternatively, why not pop in store? We have over 200 branches across the UK.