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Fuel Tanks & Caps

Fuel Tanks & Caps

To allow your vehicle to function as it should, its fuel tank must be in good working order. Euro Car Parts offers high-quality fuel tanks and caps for a huge range of makes and models – find yours below.

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As simple fluid containers, fuel tanks are generally sturdier than other car parts. As a result, fuel tank problems are not very common, but that's not to say that leaks and other issues can't occur over time. You may also replace your existing fuel tank to accommodate a larger engine or carry more fuel. Your ability to do this will depend on the specific model of car you drive. To ensure your fuel tank stays in good working order, we recommend performing occasional inspections, even if you don’t believe there are any issues. If you do suspect any existing problems with your fuel tank, you should check it immediately. Look for leaks and signs of road damage. If you have a metal unit, you should check for rust and other forms of corrosion, as well as damaged seams. Finally, check the mounting hardware for tightness and damage. If it is not impossible to repair any existing issues, you should replace your fuel tank. Fuel caps can also fall victim to corrosion, which can lead to the part seizing. In such cases, we advise buying a high-quality replacement.