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Roof Bars

Roof Bars

A great way to carry additional luggage or bulky accessories, car roof bars are part of a racked storage system that attach to the roof of your car. Find the perfect car roof bar for your vehicle at Eurocarparts.com. Show Less

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There are a number of ways that roof bars can be fitted to the car, depending on your roof design. Some cars already have built-in features for attaching roof bars, such as rails (either protruding or flush-mounted), T-tracks (hollowed out channels) or fix points (mounting points usually located under sliding covers or flaps). For these models you will need roof bars that can clip on or in to the existing devices in the appropriate way. Other cars do not have pre-existing roof-bar fixtures and for these you would need to clamp your roof bars around the actual car bodywork or into the gutters on older models. The use of roof bars is the safest and most convenient way of transporting heavy loads. Large amounts of luggage can be secured to the bars in a roof box, or unwieldy items such as bikes, surfboards or furniture can be attached directly to the bars using straps, clamps or other devices. Roof bars and all the relevant fixtures and fittings are available for all designs of car – just be sure to check which system your vehicle uses before ordering. Show Less

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