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Sun Shades

Sun Shades

Keep your eyes shielded from the sun and on the road ahead with our range of effective and easy-to-use sun shades. All Euro Car Parts products come with free UK delivery - so don't delay!

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Having the sun in your eyes is not only unpleasant, in can also be dangerous if you are driving. Being dazzled can hamper your ability to see and react to hazards in the road, and is a routine cause of accidents. While it's always advisable to keep a pair of sunglasses in the car for when driving directly into a dazzling sun, a sun shade is a better option for side and rear windows. Easy to fit with suction cups that won't damage the window, they can also be very useful for shielding children in the back seat from glare and brightness - especially if you want them to nod off for a long journey! It's not just when travelling that sun shades are useful. When leaving your car in the sun, a sun shade can help to keep the sun's rays out of your car and stop it from heating up quite so much. Check out our range of sun shades and take advantage of free UK delivery, or click & collect from one of over 200 stores nationwide.