Compounding Heads

Compounding Heads

If you want your car to look its best you have to put in a bit of work - but the job is always made easier with the right polishing and compounding heads.


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Looking after your paintwork through regular cleaning and polishing can help to ensure driving remains an enjoyable experience rather than a chore - it's much nicer driving off in a gleaming car than a dirty one. But it's also important for car maintenance. The muck and grime from our roads - which in the winter months is often mixed up with grit and salt - gets stuck on car bodywork and, left in place, can start to corrode the metal. That's why it's important to clean it off and replace it with a layer of polish, which not only makes the paintwork look nice but provides a layer of protection against dirt and grime in the future. Our compounding heads and polishing tools are designed to work in conjunction with leading polish brands such a T-Cut, Sonax and Turtlewax, to ensure full, even coverage of that polish layer and buff it out to a gleaming shine. All the products in our range are covered by free UK delivery, with same-day options often available.