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Driving & Fog Lamps

About Driving & Fog Lamps

Driving and fog lamps not only help you find your way in adverse conditions, they can warn and lead others who may not have invested in their own. To find the perfect lights for your motor, enter your reg and explore the range below.

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While headlights can provide plenty of light in urban, street-lit areas, they often aren’t enough in rural, poorly lit areas. Driving lamps are specifically designed to emit penetrating beams of light to keep you safe and in control whatever the weather, wherever you are. Fog lamps serve a similar purpose, aiding your own visibility up front whilst red rear fog lamps, which are a European legal requirement, alert other drivers to your presence in adverse conditions. Although fog lamps should only be used when necessary, their reliability and quality is important, so faulty lamps should be replaced as soon as possible. While fog lamps are often included as part of the headlight system, driving lamps are fitted externally in order to maximise illumination. Compatible kits for all makes and models are available in throughout our range.