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Electronic Control Units (ECU)

Electronic Control Units (ECU)

The ECU, or Electronic Control Unit, is the brains of the modern internal combustion engine and is integral to the workings of your engine. If yours needs replacing, take a look at our range of ECUs to find the right part for your vehicle.

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ECU units are incredibly complex, constantly interpreting values from numerous sensors throughout the engine bay via multidimensional performance maps to optimise air-fuel ratios, ignition timing and your engine’s idle speed. However, with the amount of information ECU’s process and their proximity to the heat and vibrations of the engine, they can sometimes need break. Without a reliable ECU in charge of your engine, there is no guarantee that your vehicle is running efficiently, or even safely. An accurate ECU can also improve your car’s cost-efficiency as well as its performance. Oxygen sensors inform your ECU whether your engine is running rich (too much fuel/not enough oxygen) or lean (too much oxygen/not enough fuel), in order to optimise performance. Without that information your engine can easily waste fuel or, conversely, starve itself and possibly cause internal damage. Just as every engine is optimised differently, so is every ECU - so be sure to check the compatibility with the make and model of your car before ordering your replacement. Feel free to call our experts for help and advice.