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Electric Polishers

Electric Polishers

Whether it’s a case of buffing out cosmetic marks or giving your car a fresh new shine, our range of electric polishers gives you plenty of choice. Consider the power settings and padding to choose to right one for your car.


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There is an abundance of options available when it comes to selecting electric car polishers. The modern designs available throughout the range mean that they have never been easier to use, but it is important to know that you are choosing the right one for the job at hand. It is not a good idea, for instance, to attempt to clean wax off your car with a rubbing compound on an abrasive pad – as this will mark the paint. Many of our polishers are multifunctional with a range of power options, so they are fit for several purposes, from polishing at low power to sanding at high power. The power at which they are most effective depends upon the nature of the marks on the car and the polish that you use, so be sure to do some research when finding the ideal combination.