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Air Tools and Compressors

Air Tools and Compressors

quality compressor is an essential part of every professional workshop, providing efficient and reliable power. Our comprehensive selection of compressors, air-powered tools, and accessories includes everything you need to get your vehicle’s performance up to speed.
Compressors are used to convert the force generated by an internal motor into potential energy stored in pressurised air. Compressors use the kinetic energy generated when this air is released to produce consistent and immediate power.This compressed air can be used to power all manner of air-driven tools, from powerful angle grinders, drills and impact wrenches to precision blow guns, buffers and engravers. However, as no heavy fuel or batteries are needed, these tools are much lighter and much more manoeuvrable. Due to the fact that many of these tools operate under constant high pressure, even the slightest leak can lead to a significant loss of performance. That's why replacing old or worn parts immediately is particularly important. Show Less

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