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Winter Essentials

Winter Essentials

rom anti-freeze to screen wash, de-icers and scrapers, you will find a huge range of car maintenance products here at Eurocarparts.com. Don't let the cold weather stand in your way this season –explore our range of winter essentials below.
To protect your engine in the dead of winter, make sure that you use anti-freeze with a strength of 30-50%. Below this level, the anti-freeze will become ineffective and your engine could freeze. If the concentration level is too high, the solution will not disperse heat as effectively.To keep your windscreen free from dirt and to stop it from freezing over, top up your screen wash regularly. The amount of screen wash you need will depend on how cold it is outside. Each bottle should state the amount of fluid needed per litre. Please note that driving with an empty screen wash bottle is illegal.It is also very important to look after your tyres in winter. For example, we advise that you check pressure and always ensure your tyres reach the levels recommended by your manufacturer. For all your winter car care needs, the team at Euro Car Parts are here to help. Show Less

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