Steering Dampers

Steering Dampers

Regain control of your vehicle's handling with a steering damper from Euro Car Parts. Also known as a steering stabiliser, these devices absorb the shock to the steering wheel when your vehicle hits a bump or pothole at speed, helping you to steer safely out of any danger.
Steering dampers or stabilisers help make your vehicle safer by providing an extra layer of protection if you run into trouble on the road. Hitting an unexpected pothole, bump or object at speed can create a powerful shock to the steering wheel which, in extreme cases, could cause you to lose control of your vehicle.
Often installed on vehicles with large tyres and high profiles, such as trucks and SUVs, steering dampers absorb the worst of shocks like these. They make steering smoother, reduce ""wobble"" at high speeds and can also be used to improve handling on older cars.
Find steering dampers for your car at an affordable price at Euro Car Parts. With over 200 stores around the country, you're never far from the parts you need – and we can always deliver to your door if you require. Get in touch with us today if you're looking for the right part for your vehicle – we'll be happy to help! Show Less

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