Car Handles Locks & Barrels

Car Handles Locks & Barrels

Car Handle
Car handles on doors can become worn over time and become either difficult to open or cease to function completely. It is best to replace any car handle at the first signs of wear to prevent a situation which prevents you from opening your vehicle. Properly functioning car handles are also essential for vehicle safety.
There is a great choice of quality car handles for any car available, so ensure you fit one which will be durable and reliable.

Car Lock
Properly functioning car locks are essential for the security of your vehicle. They must also be in good working order for safety reasons, and a car lock that has ceased to function effectively may result in an MOT failure.
A great range of car locks are available to vehicle owners, and they should be replaced as a priority if they begin to malfunction in any way to avoid leaving your car vulnerable to thieves or to prevent the doors from opening unexpectedly whilst travelling.

Car Barrels
A car barrel is an integral part of many car door locking systems. The barrel is generally a metal cylinder several inches long, and is located within the door. When a key is inserted, it slides inside the barrel and is then turned to engage or disengage the lock.
It is possible to fit car handle locks and barrels for any car, and replacement car barrels may be necessary if your current locks have seized or been broken during an attempted theft. Show Less

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