Jerry Cans and Petrol Cans

Jerry Cans and Petrol Cans

Sometimes we get into tricky situations. You might find yourself miles away from the next petrol station only to find that your fuel or water is worryingly low. Keeping a jerry can in the back of your car is the perfect way to prepare for such emergencies. Alternatively store up to 20l of fuel at home for lawnmowers and strimmers. Our robust cans come in a many sizes to help you prepare for every eventuality.

Disasters can strike when you least expect them. Having a jerry can on hand can be an assuring safety net and we have a wide range available in a variety of sizes to cater for everybody’s needs. We don’t want anybody to end up stranded and out of fuel!

The metal jerry cans are known for their long term durability and they’re brilliant for storing extra fuel in. Smaller cans are ideal for taking with you on the road and the larger 20l cans can be kept at home, either to fill up your car or any other equipment that requires fuel like petrol lawnmowers.

All jerry cans have been rigorously tested to prevent any messy leaks. The traditional design of the jerry is what made it so immensely popular. The three-handled design enabled easy handling by one or two people. Two jerry cans could be transported by one person, or the weight could be shared using the outside handles. This stylistic feature has been kept to this day.

If you don’t have a very steady hand, a jerry can spout can also be attached to make pouring even easier. Show Less

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