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Microfibre Car Cleaning Clothes

Microfibre Car Cleaning Clothes

Microfibre cloths and towels provide a more efficient way to clean and dry your car when compared to other, traditional methods. For different colours and quantities, look no further than Euro Car Parts.
Due mainly to the positive charge of the material, microfibre cloths attract dirt (which has a negative charge) like a magnet. As long as you rinse your microfibre cloths and towels to keep them free of grit, they won’t scratch your car either. This is because microfibre picks up dirt and liquid, rather than pushing it. In fact, good quality microfibre is so efficient that it reduces the need to use chemicals. This saves money and helps the environment. What's more, this material is great for use in towels because it is so absorbent. In fact, it holds up to eight times its weight in water. With this in mind, Eurocarparts.com offers a wide range of both microfibre and chamois products for you to choose from. Show Less

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