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PAL Fuses

PAL Fuses

Fuses are the last line of defence in the electrical systems of your vehicle, preventing irrevocable damage in the event of a surge. If your car is Japanese, you’ll find a great range of PAL fuses below.
Fuses are deliberately designed to include metal elements that will burn out if the amperage within a circuit exceeds the fuse rating. This breaks the circuit and prevents the cabling and other, more expensive, components within the circuit from being damaged. Most cars will have two separate fuse panels that house the different fuses for each electrical system. One panel will contain fuses for systems related to the engine, such as the cooling system, the ABS and the ECU, while the other, usually found under the dashboard, contains fuses for electrical devices found inside the cabin. It is extremely important that the right fuse is used for each circuit, as an incorrect fuse rating can starve your electrical systems of power or cause immediate and irreparable damage. The distinctive and colour coded PAL fuses are commonly used in cars of Japanese design; any other fuse type will be incompatible. Show Less

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