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Fuel Hoses

About Fuel Hoses

The sole job of the fuel hose is to supply your engine with fuel, so quality is essential. Enter your registration number to search our extensive range of fuel hoses and find the right one for your vehicle today.

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Fuel hoses transfer fuel rapidly from the fuel tank to the engine and are designed specifically to deal with the pressure of modern fuel delivery systems. Typically made of a braided, reinforced rubber compound to avoid splitting and kinking, fuel hoses are resilient to the heat and compact design of the engine unit. A faulty fuel hose can have serious consequences for both you and your car. Not only can a leaking hose ruin your efficiency and waste your money, it can potentially leak highly flammable fuel directly onto your engine. Alternatively, a blocked hose can deprive your engine of the fuel it needs, which can lead to irreparable engine failure. Whether replacing or upgrading, you’ll find the fuel hose you need for your make and model of car in our quality range.