Fuel Pumps & Sender Units

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Fuel Pumps & Sender Units

About Fuel Pumps & Sender Units

The fuel pump delivers fuel to your car’s engine, while the sending unit communicates the fuel level to your dashboard. These two mechanisms are usually combined, but can be replaced separately. We stock quality parts for all models of car.

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Whether your car has a carburettor or a fuel injection system, it will have a fuel pumping system of some sort to send fuel to the engine through a hose or line. The amount of pressure under which the fuel is delivered by the pump will depend on which system your engine uses; a carburettor system requires lower pressure whereas a fuel injection system requires higher pressure. The fuel pump sending unit is a clever device for measuring the fuel level in the fuel tank and communicating this information to your dashboard via the fuel gauge. If the fuel drops below a designated level a foam float connected to a metal rod starts to descend. At the end of the rod a variable resistor makes contact with a wiper that is connected to the fuel gauge, conducting a certain amount of electrical current. The amount of resistance – ultimately depending on the position of the float – is what tells your dashboard indicator when the fuel level is getting low. A fully functioning fuel pump and sending unit combo will ensure that your engine does not suffer from fuel starvation, which would certainly affect the smooth running of your car.