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Gear Cables

About Gear Cables

Smooth gear changes are essential, especially at speed. Gear cables ensure the position of the gear stick corresponds to the right gear ratio, maintaining performance and safety. Our range of quality gear cables includes components for all makes and models.

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Designed to maximise precision and reduce response time, most gear cables incorporate a lightweight woven steel wire housed in reinforced rubber. The inner wire is able to move freely inside the outer layer, making it incredibly efficient and durable. Most transmission systems use two separate gear cables in order to convey both horizontal and vertical movements of the gear stick down to the gear box and, while they are designed to be durable, they can eventually begin to fail. The constant tension required of gear cables puts them under incredible stress, which is only made worse by rough gear changes. Over time gear cables can stretch, fray and even snap and should be replaced immediately. Find the right gear cables for your car in our range and make your gear changes as smooth as they can be.