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Heater Cables

About Heater Cables

Heater cables are an important part of your car’s temperature control system, helping to regulate the warm and cool air flowing through it. Don’t put up with uncomfortable temperatures in your car – get a new heater cable from Euro Car Parts today.

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Heater cables link your car’s heater to the dashboard, allowing you to adjust the temperature in the car to your preferred setting. They connect to flaps on the heater which open and close to regulate the amount of warm and cool air coming in, helping keep things cool in summer and toasty in winter. When a heater cable becomes worn out, you might find your car’s heater acts up and you’re no longer getting the temperatures you’re accustomed to. If it’s broken completely, the heater won’t respond at all. Suffering in a chilly or over-warm car can be a pain, but it’s not one you have to put up with for long. If you need to replace your heater cables, head to Euro Car Parts and we’ll be happy to help you find the product you need at a low price.