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Heater Motors

Heater Motors

Like all car parts, your heater motor will eventually wear out and need replacing. When it comes to doing so, look no further than Eurocarparts.com. Regardless of your car's make or model, you can be sure to the find the right product below. Show Less

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At the heart of your car’s heating system, you'll find a heater motor that sets the whole system into motion. The heater motor (otherwise known as a blower motor) usually sits behind the dashboard. Most heater motors use a basic electrical circuit. This circuit comes complete with a resistor to allow you to control the speed of the heater fan. The main symptom of motor failure is when it does not work regardless of the speed at which it is set. Spikes in current occur when the motor relay (the device which powers the motor) fails. This in turn can damage the fuse. Look for a burnt-out fuse before changing the motor. If the fuse is intact, then use an automotive meter or test light to check whether or not your motor is receiving power. If this is fine, then check that power is coming out of the resistor. If your resistor has power going in (with a solid ground also present), but nothing is coming out, then you will need to buy a replacement heater motor. Show Less

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