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Clutch Hydraulics

Clutch Hydraulics

The hydraulic clutch is an alternative system to the mechanical clutch cable. If your hydraulic clutch is underperforming, consider replacing it with a high-quality part from Eurocarparts.com – we have a range of great value options for all types of car. Show Less

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The job of the hydraulic clutch is to engage or disengage the engine from the transmission as the driver changes gears; the hydraulic clutch does this by forcing pressurised hydraulic fluid into the clutch disengagement apparatus. The advantage of the hydraulic clutch system over that of the clutch cable is that the hydraulic clutch is self-adjusting and so reduces the need for intense pedal action – making it much lighter to use. It also has fewer small components that are likely to go wrong, and it does not need to be constantly adjusted. The basic maintenance required for a hydraulic clutch is regular checking of the fluid levels in the clutch reservoir. Fluid should be topped up if it becomes low and fully replaced annually to remove impurities. The hydraulic system can become blocked and seals can become worn, leading to fluid leaks. If you notice your clutch becoming stiff to use, chances are it is blocked or leaking, and should be replaced. Show Less

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