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Performance and Filtration

About Performance and Filtration

Induction kits are quickly becoming one of the most popular modifications in the car tuning community. By replacing the stock air filter in your car with an induction kit, you can boost performance and unleash the full roar of your engine.

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The stock air filters that are fitted in most cars are designed to do two things at once. They usually consist of a paper air filter mounted inside an insulated air box, with the air filter stopping larger particles from entering the air intake of the engine, while the air box containing it serves the purpose of muffling any engine noise. However, by surrounding the filter, the air box prevents air from flowing freely through it, which can starve the engine of oxygen and lead to a loss in performance. Induction kits do away with the air box completely and include bigger cone, dome or tube shaped, high quality air filters that channel even more oxygen into the engine, thus maximising performance and amplifying the rumble of your engine for all to hear. Feel and hear the difference by choosing the right induction kit for your car from our high quality range.