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K&N Oil Filter

About K&N Oil Filter

A K&N oil filter is a high-quality filtration device that allows any type of oil to circulate around the engine while remaining free from harmful impurities. Find a premium K&N oil filter for your car by browsing our range below.

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The K&N oil filter is a heavy duty filter that comes in a variety of designs suitable for all types of vehicle. It uses a cellulose filtration material made with resin that allows high oil-flow rates and optimum filtration levels. Originally designed for racing cars, this product is one of the most durable oil filters on the market. Because your oil filter captures sediment, it will eventually become clogged up, preventing the oil from passing through. This will result in insufficient lubrication of your moving engine parts and could cause costly damage. An oil filter should be changed every year or so, and replacing a cheaper one with a high-grade K&N filter could keep your engine running smoother for longer.