Locking Wheel Nuts/Bolts

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Locking Wheel Nuts/Bolts

About Locking Wheel Nuts/Bolts

Prevent your alloy wheels from being stolen by fitting a set of locking wheel bolts and nuts. At we stock a well-priced range of high-quality products to suit the look and build of your car.

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As your car notches up the mileage, the nuts and bolts that secure your wheels can gradually work themselves loose, which could eventually result in a hubcap falling off into the road. Even when your car is parked, your wheel trims are not always safe from loss and could unfortunately attract thieves. The good news is you can secure your shiny alloys with locking wheel bolts that are specially designed to enhance the look of your wheels. These will stop your wheel trims working loose as you drive while also protecting your valuable alloys from theft. Locking wheel bolts come in a range of sizes and styles so you will have no trouble finding a set to match your vehicle.