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Oil Pump & Kits

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Without adequate lubrication engines can literally grind to a halt, causing immediate and catastrophic engine failure. Luckily, our range of high quality oil pump kits includes everything you need to replace your old oil pump in next to no time.

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A quality oil pump is vital in any internal combustion engine, circulating oil under pressure around the engine to lubricate parts like the rotating bearings, sliding pistons and camshaft where constant, fluid movement is essential. Although primarily used for lubrication, pressurised oil also assists in cooling parts of the engine where friction can be an issue, and is increasingly used to power small actuators and variable valve timing systems within the engine. This means that even the slightest dip in oil pressure can have a noticeable effect on the reliability of your car. Malfunctioning oil pumps can be hard to detect, so should always be checked as soon as possible when the low oil pressure light begins to flicker on your dashboard, or if parts of the engine start to make abnormal tapping sounds. Although quality oil pumps are made of metal and are designed to be durable, over time their proximity to the heat, vibration of the engine and their exposure to the elements can lead to stress fractures and corrosion. Our oil pump kits include replacement gasket seals and oil filters to keep your pressure up and your oil clean.