Panel Dryers

Panel Dryers

When you’re repainting a car, getting the panels dry as quickly as possible can save a great deal of time. Panel dryers are used by body technicians everywhere for fast, consistent results.


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Repainting a car can be a long and delicate task, but with a good panel dryer or two you can get the job done in far less time. Operating on a workshop’s air supply, these devices gently blast warm air to get water-based paints dry in moments, and they even feature a filter to remove unwanted particles from the airflow. If you’ve got your heart set on a new colour for your car, panel dryers will be a big help in getting the job done quickly, and they’re ideal for small paint touch-ups too. At Euro Car Parts, we stock all the bits and pieces you need to maintain your car – and because we’re supplied by some of the most trusted names in the business, you can be assured you’re getting professional-level quality at a low price. Take a look at our range of panel dryers here and place an order online – you can get free delivery in the UK!