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Performance Air Filter

About Performance Air Filter

Eventually, your car's air filter will need replacing. Our extensive range of quality performance air filters means you’ll easily find the right option at the right price. To find yours, simply enter your registration number in the tool on the left hand side.

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As well as fuel, water and engine oil, your car needs a consistent flow of clean oxygen in order to perform. Filters catch impurities in the air and prevent them from being drawn into the engine, where they have the potential to hinder performance. Pleated paper air filters are by far the most popular choice for automotive air filtration due to their efficiency, cost-effectiveness and ease of use. However, the term ‘paper’ can be misleading, as they are actually made of durable, fibrous materials, specifically designed to negate the presence of contaminants like dust, pollen, mould and bacteria within the workings of the engine. Over time, or after particularly heavy use, your air filters will become clogged. This can affect your car’s performance by restricting the air flow to the engine. Our range of performance air filters has been selected to give you the best quality and value available, making every step of replacing your air filter as simple as possible.