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Performance Drop Link

Performance Drop Link

If you begin to notice a knocking sound when your vehicle drives over lumps and bumps in the road, specifically coming from the suspension area of the car, then it’s likely it’s time to replace a link in your anti-roll bar. Take a look at the range available from Euro Car Parts here. Show Less

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Anti-roll, or stabiliser bars are key in feeling secure when making tight turns, and going over the usual bumps in the road when driving. Without them, the vehicle can often feel sloppy and unstable - and the first part of the kit that’s likely to show wear and tear is the link. These links connect the sway bar to the control bar with small ball joints - they’re important to keep an eye on. Though a knocking sound from the suspension area can indicate a problem in the first instance, ignoring this warning sound can result in the link breaking entirely, making for an unstable stabiliser bar and an unsafe drive. The links are easily checked and replaced though - especially when you see a range as comprehensive as we have here at Euro Car Parts. Take a look at the range today, and don’t hesitate to call if you have any queries. Show Less

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