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Performance Brake Discs

About Performance Brake Discs

Performance brake discs are a great way to improve your car's braking power, allowing you to stop quicker and safer. You can find sports discs in many different styles and each one offers different benefits, but they will always be the same diameter and thickness of your original equipment parts, so they will be a direct replacement without any modification required. If you want something bigger and better then you will need to look at buying a complete big brake conversion kit.

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You will notice that some up-rated brake discs, or brake rotors as they are also known, have grooves machined in to the face of the disc, these are different designs depending on the manufacturer but all serving the same purpose which is to both keep the discs cool by improving the airflow over the disc and also to help the gases that are created by the pad to escape, this build up of gases is the main cause of brake fade or 'spongy pedal'.
These grooves also help remove any debris on the disc face. Other discs will have a series of holes drilled in to the disc which is another way to help braking performance. One other benefit of the latest generation of performance brake discs is that most of them will have a special coating or be anodised to help prevent corrosion on the parts of the disc that are not in contact with the pad, it also makes them look good as well! Check out our extensive range of quality performance brake parts for cars of every make and model.