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Professional Interior Cleaners

You can eliminate dirt and grime from the upholstery, carpets and dashboard of your car with professional interior cleaning products formulated for a range of materials. We stock a selection of cleaning products and accessories for all types of car.
While washing and waxing the outside of a car is usually carried out quite frequently, maintenance of the interior can often be neglected, meaning that your seats, carpets, dashboard and interior trims are likely to be harbouring several layers of dirt. There are many professional interior cleaners available for sprucing up your cabin area.

You can find cleaners formulated for all types of materials within our range. Seat and carpet cleaners are available for leather, nubuck, cloth, carpet or other coverings, and will usually both clean and condition the material.

Fabric cleaners come in foams, liquids, creams or other formulations, and can be sprayed or worked into the fabric manually. Dashboards and interior trims can come in a range of materials and finishes - vinyl, leather, rubber, matt, gloss - and there are many types of cleaner available.
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