Rear Lights & Tail Light Cover Replacements

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Rear Lights & Tail Light Cover Replacements

About Rear Lights & Tail Light Cover Replacements

The rear lights on your car serve two important functions: to help you see when driving in poor light and to communicate your actions with other drivers. Here at, we provide only the best rear lights available for your car.

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Most drivers take their rear lights for granted. While you may be used to just getting in your car and starting it up without a second thought for your lights, you will soon notice when they fail. Most rear light assemblies combine stop lights, indicator lights (for braking and turning), and fog lamps. Your rear lights must comply with all the relevant vehicle legislation. It is your duty to make sure your rear lights are working properly in both low and high beams. To test your rear lights, you will need an assistant. First, ask them to apply the brakes, and check that all your rear lights illuminate. Second, ask them to turn on the left and right indicators, and finally your fog lights (if you have them). Any lights that do not illuminate when you switch them on may need replacing. When buying replacements for your car, please note that newer or older editions of the same model may require different rear lights. While the difference may only be aesthetic, making the wrong choice could mean that your new rear lights do not fit your car. With this in mind, it is important to check carefully that the rear lights you buy are compatible with the model year of the car you own. For help and advice, please contact Euro Car Parts.