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Side Light Bulb

Side Light Bulb

By law, you must ensure that your side light bulbs are working. If yours become faulty, you should know that Euro Car Parts supplies high-quality side light bulbs for practically every make and model – find yours in the range below.

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Side light bulbs create the small, white, dim lights that you will find on the front corners of your car. Many modern cars integrate sidelights into the main headlight unit. While side lights offer you very little in terms of increased visibility when driving, they do benefit other drivers, cyclists and pedestrians when one or more of your headlights fail. After all, if your car has a faulty headlight, others on the road could mistake it for a motorcycle in areas with no street lighting. This in turn could make others misjudge the space they have to overtake your vehicle. Side light bulbs also offer you certain benefits when parking your car. For example, if you have to stop your car abruptly on a busy road, your side lights will make you remain visible to others, which in turn could help you avoid a collision.

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  • Rated Excellent

  • 4.8 / 5

  • Based on 13,075 reviews on